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My 3 favorite Fulhaus projects

Short term rental Airbnb furniture package bedroom bed headboard

1. A plateau pad (Plateau, Montreal)

This was actually my first project ever working A-Z with the Fülhaus team.

The look was a cool contemporary take on a desert aesthetic, yet altered to fit its metropolitan setting.

As with all projects, there was some level of customization: we installed a Murphy bed, there was an indoor space dedicated to real cacti and a really cool indoor-outdoor living area.

Texas Montreal Common Area Bean bag

An interesting challenge was shipping those extra-large leather bean bag chairs, but ultimately so necessary for the final design. It was also a project where we worked with local artists for the wall art, which added a really unique touch.


2. Corporate Cowboy (Dallas, Texas)

Quite early into my Fülhaus tenure, we worked on another really fun set of units in Dallas, Tx. These spaces were so cool, the bones of the units were amazing. A very cool updated loft, with original painted brick walls. I think our design team did an amazing job, designing a space that was so complementary to the existing structural elements.

 Living Room Dallas leather chair furniture Short term rental Airbnb carpet

The pictures of the spaces, the after product, I think only highlight this. These pictures have the amazing editorial quality to them. Definitely, one of those spaces I wish I could go visit and experience.


3. Casually Memphis (Old Port, Montreal)

A textbook example of when a client of ours trusts our vision. They gave the design team the space to get experimental and the budget to match. The result: a project that landed us in Elle Decor (and more!). Why casually Memphis? Well, the spaces pay homage to the “Memphis” design style. Though this style can sometimes be extreme, our designers did an incredible job of making it comfortable and accessible. Bespoke jagged shaped side tables and indie designer matching side lamps, with custom pill-shaped lumbar pillows.

Short term Rental Bedroom Headboard furniture package STR

Honestly, the coolest boutique hotel in Montreal designed by Fülhaus.
I couldn’t be more proud of it!


Stay tuned for more new and exciting Fülhaus projects. New spaces to launch in the UK and EU.

Nada Temerinski
Head of Procurement - North America


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