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We at Fulhaus like to partner with trailblazing startups in the travel and real estate landscape. Altovita is one of them and we sat down with them for a Q&A for the latest Fulhaus blog post.

Please tell us how Altovita started
Launched two years ago, frequent travellers co-founders Vivi Cahyadi and Karolina Saviova identified a gap in the market for curated, high-quality accommodation with an ‘e-concierge’ service for booking in-destination services.  

'We are both frequent travellers and having lived in over 20 cities and 5 continents. We understood first-hand the challenge of maintaining our healthy lifestyle and keeping up with our workout routine when abroad. Frequent travel and expat lifestyle don’t always come with perks: travellers often struggle with finding reliable temporary accommodation whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We created AltoVita to act as an e-concierge service for frequent travellers, making it effortless for them to access the best verified alternative accommodation and in-destination services in Europe today and globally.  As an extra layer of quality control, AltoVita conducts a pre-inspection 24 hours prior to a client’s arrival to ensure that the property is in perfect condition.'

AltoVita's USP and how do you stand out in an already saturated market

We have launched a business-to-employee (B2E) accommodation platform that will give more autonomy to employees to choose their accommodation while still adhering to corporate policies.  The B2E model allows businesses to set their safety, budget and other parameters while at the same time enabling the consumers, in this case, the employees, to have more freedom of choice.

Travellers can book verified accommodation and in-destination services intuitively and seamlessly depending on their personal needs within a few clicks.  The booking platform is fully automated, services can be added to an accommodation booking, or booked independently on the AltoVita website. It’s like an a-la-carte menu, you choose and only pay for what you want.  AltoVita offers real-time availability, and pricing and our AltoReps support each guest from initial engagement right up until the end of their stay.

What market trends you are seeing and anticipating for an STR operator and how Altovita could help with a move towards a mid-term strategy

We are experiencing a complete upheaval of 'business-as-usual' in global travel but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. We predict that corporate relocations will pick up faster than short term business and leisure travel as only the 'essential travel' will be prioritised in 2020. Properties in urban centres that usually have a high occupancy from short term leisure travel are now looking towards the longer corporate stays.

Listing with AltoVita and creating reduced monthly pricing can attract responsible guests and steady income for properties that would otherwise be struggling to stay occupied. Including a weekly cleaning service is a must for corporate travel and helps to maintain the property against wear and tear.

What are your thoughts on the importance of interior design for an STR or MTR operator

Guests are choosing their temporary home from a selection of photos amongst many other options so it is important to stand out in the crowd. It is important to create contemporary, interesting interiors that look great when photographed. Short term rentals are a great canvas to try bolder designs as guests are often attracted to colours and furnishings that they would not have the courage to implement in their own homes. Make sure that interesting design does not compromise the comfort or usability of the interior, however. It is especially important that there is a cosy, homey feel in a property trying to attract mid-term guests.


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