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Arca Properties Luxembourg Q&A

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Please tell us how ARCA Properties LU started?

Luxembourg real estate market comes at a premium, with very little flexibility and in high demand. There are very limited rental options and it is heavily controlled by real estate agents. 

As Luxembourg attracts a large number of corporate travelers year round, there is a high, constant demand for STR and MDR accommodation. 

Understanding the need for a flexible option in the market,is how Arca Properties Luxembourg came to life.

Revenue property short term rental furniture

ARCA Properties USP and how you stand out in an already mature market?

At Arca, we understand that audiences, reach, and speed are critical success factors in our modern times, and our main ambition is to maximize them thanks to our expertise in the industry. Our smart yield management allows our clients to have a clear insight into the performance of their properties, and we run our business like a Swiss watch; precision is everything.

We acquire and connect incredible talents & experts in their working fields. Envisioning and preparing for the market of tomorrow is our key competitive advantage. 

We offer an A-Z service (photography, housekeeping, key management, online listing, guest management, storage, legal advocacy, rent optimization) that promotes properties in over 200 platforms and 75+ countries.


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What market trends you are seeing and anticipating for STR owners in Luxembourg and how ARCA Properties could help with a move towards a mid-term strategy?

Luxembourg is quite unique in its vacation rental market, we have a very consistent and stable demand with all the corporate travellers who already tend to lean more towards a MDR stay. 

This is why we are focused on corporate housing affiliations which is very much focused on MDR stays. 

In order to offer our clients the maximum occupancy and revenue, we prioritize a strong web presence so as to ensure maximum exposure. 

Our goal is to maximise occupancy and stabilize pricing so we can remove the element of price competition and can focus on providing value and convenience. 


property revenue short term rental furniture


What are your thoughts on the importance of interior design for an STR or MTR operator?  

As far as we are concerned, Interior Design is at the top of the importance list.

Interiors are one of the most prolific differentiating factors in STR and MDR rentals. 

We strongly believe that in order for our units to stand out they need to have the maximum Interior appeal, which not only guarantees happy guests but also higher Occupancy rates. 

Interior design combined with a professional Property Management team are by far the winning combination in spearheading any STR or MDR market. 


Giacomo Trenz - Managing Partner, Arca Properties Luxembourg

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