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Design Upgrades to Tackle During Downtime

Design Upgrades to Tackle During Downtime

With coronavirus putting the bulk of travel plans on hold, many property management companies are finding themselves with more downtime than usual. While the slowdown in reservations may be stressful, it’s also an opportunity to focus on aspects of your business that fall by the wayside when you’re constantly hosting new guests -- for example, the decor in your properties

This post will share three of the key ways you can upgrade your listings for maximum impact while sticking to a budget. 


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Create an Air of Luxury 

The return of travel will be gradual. Even as people begin to venture out on domestic vacations, it’s not yet clear if popular tourist attractions, cultural centers, restaurants and the like will be fully open. As a result, guests will be spending much more time inside -- so it’s important that the property itself feels like a luxurious vacation. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to capture that feeling. Start by focusing on the small details that make a space feel special -- for example, keep amenities like body wash, shampoo and hand towels neatly arranged in small baskets for a more high-end look. You can also make a space look more sophisticated by adding in a statement piece -- like a bold painting or one-of-a-kind vase --  that can function as the visual focus of the room.


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Keep it Easy to Clean 

Cleanliness has become a key factor in light of coronavirus and using fabrics and materials that are easy to sterilize while still looking chic is ideal. If you’re updating your furniture, opt for a microfiber sofa to get a “suede” look without the cost or the cleaning hassle. When adding new rugs or bathmats, choose nylon over other materials to maintain the cozy vibe while keeping your space pristine. Additionally, instead of crowding your properties with stylish knick-knacks, opt for a minimalist aesthetic that looks elegant while costing less and ensures your cleaning staff doesn’t have too much to wipe down with disinfectants between stays.


Focus on the Photogenic 

If you’re not in a position to overhaul your interior decor from A-Z, you should prioritize quick fixes that will make an impact on your listing photos. For example, purchase some extra plants (plastic works too!), and make sure your lighting set-up is flattering through a camera lens. Instead of buying new linens, rent a steamer to get everything from your curtains to your pillowcases looking fresh. With the new greenery in place, perfect lighting, and wrinkle-free linens, spend some time taking new photos to update your listings


For more tips on designing the perfect space without breaking the bank, check out Guesty’s guide for designing Instagram-worthy properties


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