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Goodbye tired Domestic Travel, Hello shiny Staycation!

Goodbye tired Domestic Travel, Hello shiny Staycation!

 Back in 2013 to 2016, when I lived in Dubai, Staycations were all the rave!

Yes, we all made plenty of money and could afford to jump on planes and travel, but we didn't have unlimited days off. Luckily between the U.A.E and Oman, there are a plethora of jaw-dropping Hotels, which became our weekend playgrounds.


The word of the moment is undoubtedly bookings!

Bookings have taken a literal nose dive after Corona arrived and made it very evident travel is a huge risk. The only bookings on the up over the last 2 months have been 15 days plus stays. It's not all bleak though, booking predictions are indicating that we will survive the rest of the year on Domestic Travel. 

Now, I am sure most of you are thinking, great... Domestic travel is all I have to look forward to this year, but rest assured that there are plenty of fabulous Domestic accommodations on your doorstep that promise to be every bit as dreamy as your foreign vacations and deserve to be called Staycations.

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According to booking predictions, Staycations are going to save our industry, and here is a look at how. Traveling within your home country has many benefits such as no language barrier, no passports, no airport traffic, hours spent in customs, baggage claims, or lengthy check-ins. All you need to do is pack a bag, hop in your car, or book an uber! 


Here are some of the Staycation destinations that have already experienced a peak in domestic bookings. Coastal areas, because life's a beach, and where there are waves, bathing suits, tan lines, and ice cream, we will go. The countryside, because we all love fresh air, lakes, rowing, flying kites and being far from the city and 5 million people. And self-contained homes as they offer safety and cleanliness

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Gone are the days of terrible family camping trips of the ’80s in worn-out caravans. Let's face it,  even our kids have better taste than we did, so if we are looking at booking our family staycations, let's make sure they target all our families' preferences and needs.

Luckily, we are here to help upgrade those tired domestic interiors to life, we have an extensive range of furniture packages for everyone that are all Instagram worthy, a talented Design Team, full-service installation, short turnaround time, which guarantee to increase your Staycation bookings, bring you higher ADR’s on your properties with the added bonus of filling your guests Instagram feeds with stunning pictures, which we all know brings great testimonials whilst promoting your listings.

For more about how we can help you upgrade your domestic listings into beautiful staycations, get in touch pippa@fulhaus.com.

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May 28, 2020 • Posted by Giacomo

Great Read! I couldn’t agree more on the #staycation trend that is taking over.

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