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Haus Breakdown: The Ups and Downs of Wallpaper...

Haus Breakdown: The Ups and Downs of Wallpaper...

Growing up, my parents loved a good floral wallpaper, it was a thing. But, a 'good' floral wallpaper in the 90s was hard to come by. That and wood paneling, but thats for another blog post.

Today, like wire framed glasses, Patagonia fleece and every movie reboot, wallpaper has also made a comeback. For some, wallpaper hasn't gone far, but has certainly come a long way from the kitsch cow boarders and faux ivy stencilled paper.

We at Fulhaus are onboard. We love a good print and never shy away from bold patterns. Some of you may still be thinking that wallpaper is dated and to that I say; 'Nonsense poopy pants!'

For us there are two main factors to think about when deciding on wallpaper; Covering the whole space? Or a feature wall?

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you know by now that the brighter, the bolder the better. Naturally, we would cover an entire space... Here are some examples of how to do it properly:

Now, some may not want to commit to a full room of paper, which we get as it is a big commitment. If you're also someone who changes their mind and space often, maybe a feature wall is best! See below for a few more references.

While I realize this blog post is starting to drag on I would feel neglectful to leave out this last wallpaper trend. As we mentioned above wallpaper has come a long way with patterns and designer collaborations, but a new wallpaper trend making its rounds is the mural. We're not saying to get your graduation portrait blown up and pasted on a feature wall, think something a little more subtle, like these curated photos we chose for you:

Thats the wallpaper roundup. If you tackle a wallpaper project please tag us on social, we love seeing what our followers are up to creatively!

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