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3 Mistakes That Airbnb Hosts Still Make (And How To Fix Them)

mistakes airbnb hosts make fulhaus

Everybody makes mistakes. However, when it comes to your Airbnb or short-term rental, even the smallest error can make all the difference between getting your place booked or not. Every step from listing your place, to the design of the space itself, are crucial to attracting guests to you. But once your guests leave, how you handled them during their stay can also affect future business of your short-term rental. So what are the common mistakes that Airbnb hosts still make, and how do you fix them?

Having a proper listing is one of, if not the, most important things when it comes to getting your place noticed. All that potential guests have to help them decide if they want to book your place is your online Airbnb listing, so you’re going to want to nail it right off the bat. From there, what you do with your space, how you maintain it, and your relationship with your guests will shape the way potential future guests will view your listing. With that said, here are some mistakes that Airbnb hosts still make that may be costing them business, and how to fix them!

1. Bad Photography

Fulhaus Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

First impressions are key in the short-term rental industry and it all starts with how you present your space to potential guests. It’s hard to believe that some listings continue to have bad photos and, in some cases, no photos at all. However, if you want to bring customers to your Airbnb you need to invest in high-quality photography. 

What a potential guest doesn’t want to see when they discover your listing is grainy, small, and unflattering photos of the space you want them to pay to stay in. Photos should always be landscape and of the highest quality possible or if you’re not sure about what makes the best shot, it’s worth it to get professional help. One of the biggest advantages of having a company like Fülhaus take care of all your short-term rental needs is that along with designing and fully installing all of your furniture, we also provide staging and professional photography that will help heighten the visibility of your listing.

2. Too Much Focus On A Theme

mistakes airbnb hosts make fulhaus

We’ve all shared that one unique (and sometimes funny) Airbnb listing that caught our eye for one reason or another. While it might be cool to hang out in The Shire from The Lord of the Rings, you’re minimizing your chances of getting bookings. Other than attracting Tolkein fans or movie buffs to your Airbnb, having an overly-themed room will put you at a disadvantage, as the common traveller will most likely forego your listing for something a little calmer.

Look to design your room with both function and fashion in mind. The last thing you want to do is alienate any potential guests by being too niche, so look to design a room that has a broad appeal, but also has all the essentials like a good couch and a place to work. Don’t go overboard with themed decorations, but do add some art to the walls and strategically place plants in your rooms to add some green to the space. A useful tip is to rent your furniture so you can switch up the look of your listing in case the design starts to get stale.

3. Being Unresponsive

Fulhaus Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

Photo by @jonasleupe on Unsplash

There is nothing worse than being a host and taking way too long to respond to your guests. Just getting the booking doesn’t mean that your job is done. Future bookings will rely heavily on your reviews, so even though you got your last guests to choose your Airbnb, being late to answer their calls or emails (or not answering at all) during their stay can be severely damaging in the long run. 

Communication can range from needing recommendations on any stores or public transportation nearby, to requesting help for a leaky faucet. You should have your place stocked with amenities like toilet paper but for whatever reason you don’t, it’s not up to your guests to go get them and ignoring their call could be an absolute disaster. Answer emails as fast as you can, don’t send your guests’ calls to your answering service, and respond to any and all texts. No matter how small you think the reason for the correspondence is, being quick to respond in a positive and friendly manner will help your review and go a long way to securing even more bookings in the future!

fulhaus mistakes airbnb hosts make

If you’re making these mistakes with your Airbnb, we recommend you fix them ASAP. Pixelated photos, rooms that are appealing only to a small audience, and not being readily available for your guests may seem like obvious things that need fixing but as we said before,"mistakes happen”. If you need more help with getting your place noticed, reach out to us at Fülhaus and we can help style your place, install everything, and take professional photos that will get your listing noticed!

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