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How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Last-Minute Bookings

How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Last-Minute Bookings

While some Airbnb hosts or short-term-rental property owners don’t like to accept bookings at the last minute, others prefer not to turn down potential revenue. Spontaneous bookings might not be for everyone but if you want to maximize the opportunity for your rental business, accepting late guests and trying your best to secure their stay is a smart way to do it. If you were looking for last-minute tips to get your Airbnb ready, you've come to the right place. 

While travelling might not be what it was a year ago, guests booking on the fly (so to speak) is still a reality. As an Airbnb host or a short-term rental owner, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to clean and organize your space for a guest or, worse yet, turn down potential revenue because you weren’t prepared to accept late bookings. So how do you get your Airbnb ready for last-minute guests? We’ve put together some tips on how to get last-minute travellers to choose your place first, and how to make a good impression.

Be Adaptable

How To Prepare YourAirbnb For Last-Minute Bookings

Until recently, last-minute bookings were on the rise. While cross-country travel has taken a massive hit, domestic travel is still occurring, and you’re going to want to make sure you have the capability of hosting new guests at any time. 

It’s always a smart idea to be accommodating to all your guests and this especially more relevant with impulse travellers. This means always being available and answering whatever questions or requests they have, no matter how inconvenient you might find the timing. If you haven't already, make sure that you enable Instant Book, which will make life easier for both you and your potential guests. Some guests might be on the way to or already at the airport when they start to look for a place to stay, so having your listing appear available for on-the-spot bookings through filters could land you that extra revenue you’ve been hoping for. Just be sure to update your availability!

Be An Expert In The Area

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Think about the situation your potential guests are in and try to think like them. What would you want from an Airbnb or a short-term rental if you were planning a last-minute trip? Chances are if someone is booking a place shortly ahead of travelling, they don’t have any set plans for recreational activity or any sightseeing, but they may come across some downtime and need recommendations on local places to eat and sites to visit.  

A good idea is to make sure they know that you’re an expert in the surrounding area and that you are readily available to answer any questions about the area. Adding a line in your listing about knowing what the best local cuisine is, any tourist attractions, what the shopping opportunities are like, and unique things to do in the area will only make your listing more enticing. Another good idea is to create a small guidebook for your guests, filled with menus and flyers to local places that are within walking distance or that deliver. This could make all the difference when it comes to receiving a glowing review and the potential for future and repeat bookings.

Clean After Check-Out And Before Check-In 

How To Prepare YourAirbnb For Last-Minute-Bookings

If you’re going to welcome guests with very little preparation time, you might want to start getting into the habit of cleaning your space right after the previous guests depart. We know that you want to make a good impression on incoming guests by cleaning your rental just before a new guest arrives, but having your place always in a state of preparedness will have you ready to accept any bookings at any time.

Now we’re not saying only clean after your guests leave -- cleaning just before a new booking arrives is still a good idea as the moment they walk into your place you don’t want them having a negative first impression as it could set the tone for the rest of their stay with you. What we’re suggesting is that once the previous guests leave, change the bedsheets, towels, and pillowcases right away. Clean out the kitchen, the bathroom, and prioritize cleansing all the amenities any incoming guests will use. Not only will this help with last-minute bookings, but it’s good practice to always be better prepared. 

If you were thinking about accepting travellers coming in at the last minute and weren’t sure about it, we hope we provided you with some pointers so you can unlock your Airbnb or short-term rental’s maximum earning potential. And if you’re looking for more tips on how to outfit your space so that you’re always ready for any last-minute bookings that might be coming in, make sure to contact us at Fülhaus!

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