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Why Renting Furniture Is Worth It

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Everyone knows that furniture can be expensive. Sofas and beds don’t come cheap, and even the most basic table can set you back a good amount of money. Also, what if in four months' time you decide you want to completely redesign your living room and a piece doesn’t fit what you have in mind? Well, this is where renting furniture can be the answer you’re looking for.

You may not have realized it, but furniture rental has been around for quite some time. The short-term rental industry has been utilizing furniture rental for a while now and since some Airbnb owners like to switch up their style from time to time, rental furniture packages can prove to be very beneficial. So what are some of the positives when it comes to renting furniture instead of buying it? Whether you’re a student furnishing your first apartment, or in the short-term rental business looking to save money on furnishing your place, here are just some of the key reasons why more and more people are looking to rent furniture!


Fulhaus rental furniture packages

When buying your furniture, you better know exactly what you want, and what style you’re going for. One of the biggest advantages of renting your furniture is the option of redesigning your place should you decide that it’s time for a change. In contrast, if you buy your coffee table and hate it after a few months, you’re either stuck with it (or you can go through a painstaking process to get a refund that might not even work out for you) or you’re going to have to spend even more to buy a new one.

The flexibility of renting is also crucial when unexpected life changes come your way. Is your bachelor pad about to become a place for two? Swap the small sofa you rented for a much bigger piece. Is your roommate finally moving out? Return their favourite loveseat and make room for that side table you’ve had your eye on. Whether it’s one of the many curveballs life throws or just wanting to keep up with the latest trends, the versatility that renting furniture provides is one of its biggest selling points. With work from home now becoming the new normal, renting office furniture so you have a proper place to work has become more important than ever, as you may not know when you’ll be fully back in the office.

No Heavy Lifting

furniture rental packages

We all know that moving is one of the most exhausting experiences in our adult lives. Moving mostly takes place during the sweltering heat of the summer, and the physical effort it takes to lift and move furniture is a huge pain (in more ways than one). Renting a truck, grabbing all of your belongings and essentially packing your life into it is a stressful experience, and having to worry about taking your beat-up old couch or bed is just piling added stress on. 

Most rental companies will deliver and assemble your furniture in your place for you, which means you won’t have to lift a finger. Installation is part of the service and some companies, like Fülhaus, will even take your old furniture out of your place for you. In fact, most people will pay extra for the assembly and to take their old pieces out for them. There’s nothing better than full-service furniture delivery where the biggest headache you have is what look you want for your place!

The Price Is Right 

Probably the biggest reason why you should look into renting your furniture is the cost. Instead of dishing out hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars for a piece of furniture you might not love in a few months' time, renting doesn’t commit you to your piece. Renting furniture will cost you less than purchasing your entire living room upfront off the showroom floor, and you won’t be locked into any commitments. Most places will also let you return your rented furniture before ever paying the full cost, so should you be fed up with the couch in your apartment for some of the reasons we mentioned, you will be potentially saving some cash by returning it.

In addition to just renting single pieces for your place, companies like Fülhaus offer furniture rentals as a whole package. This is a cost-effective solution to furnishing your space and an ideal solution for both short and long-term situations.

Fulhaus rental furniture packages

So when looking to furnish and design your dream place, renting furniture might be the way to go. Besides all the positive reasons we listed above to do it, there are even more benefits like how it’s a more eco-friendly way to design by minimizing waste. We know that commitment can be tough when spending the amount of money you would on a piece of furniture, which is why renting is the latest trend in home furnishing. So don’t be left behind and start saving money now!

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