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Sacrificial Chair Alternatives

Sacrificial Chair Alternatives

We are all to blame.

That poor, lonely chair in the corner of our bedroom, always carrying the burden of our not-so-dirty clothes on its frame. Today, we explore some alternative options for that infamous bedroom sacrificial chair and finally let it live out its destiny, amongst its friends around the round table.


A great and functional replacement is the ever popular leaning ladder. Not only is it a GREAT option in terms of design it also takes up very little space. Placing one of these on a wall in your bedroom will keep it organized and stylish!



Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry hires a designer to re-do his closet? She proposes to replace all hangers and shelves with hooks!...Kinda like that, but not exactly. We propose to remove your sacrificial chair and replace it with these stylish options.


Why shy away from the classic! The clothing rack is a great way to store vertically and has come a long way in terms of the design.


Our favourite and most clever suggestion is the Sacrificial Chair by Thing Industry. This cheeky little chair will do a better job than your 'ex' chair, while bringing a smile to anyone that passes by. Also, set it at the table and offer the spot to your mother in law visiting for the holidays. JK, not really, but ya.

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