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Easy Hacks That Make Your Small Airbnb Look Bigger

small airbnb hacks make bigger

If you’re worried that you’re not getting bookings because you think your Airbnb or short-term rental is not big enough and your listing is being overlooked, we’re here to help. While it might seem like a disadvantage to have a smaller space, there are ways to make it look much bigger and you can turn what seems to be a negative into a positive experience for your future guests. 

When it comes to your actual listing, honesty is always the best policy, so we’re not advising anyone to lie about the size of their space. Nobody wants to see a much smaller room than advertised, but proper staging and photography, like what Fülhaus offers with our Haus-in-a-Box, can make your listing seem more spacious than it is. Combine that with these simple hacks that make your small Airbnb space seem bigger, and your place will be prepped for more bookings!

Use Colour and Light

hacks small airbnb bigger

It comes as no surprise that white is a very popular colour when it comes to walls, as lighter tones tend to make spaces look bigger and brighter. Creating a longer room by using a lighter tone on trimmings and mouldings will also make your walls look deeper than they actually are if you decide not to paint your walls white -- contrast creates the illusion of depth. 

Lighting also works in tandem with colour, and natural light peering in from the window will instantly create a correlation between the outside and in, opening your space up instantly. You can also use curtains to make the ceiling look higher by hanging long curtains that reach the floor. If you don’t have easy access to natural light, how you use light fixtures can help you open the room up. Not having all the light focused on one area will help illuminate the space giving the optical illusion that the room is wider. Use floor lamps in the corners of the room and wall lights if you can get them to spread the sources around. One more trick is to buy long lamps with small lampshades to cheat your guests’ eyes!

Choose The Right Furniture

hacks small airbnb bigger

How you place the furniture in your room can have a big impact on opening up a room. Placing big pieces against a wall and at an angle instead of straightforward will fool the eye into looking deeper and longer into the room rather than right at it. Use an expanding table for the kitchen so when it’s not in use it can easily be stored to open the room up.

Accessorizing your space can also complement the furniture in making your room look bigger. Placing a mirror near any window will help with reflecting light in which, as we noted above, will help open up the room. Also if you’re hanging up art, put up one big piece instead of several smaller works which will be fighting for space. This will make the walls look a lot less cluttered and crowded. A way to make it look like you have more floor space is to try and avoid using large rugs. In general, one or two larger pieces is a lot better with creating space than a few dozen smaller ones that could make any room look a lot more cluttered.

Smart Storage 

small airbnb hacks look bigger

Be clever with how you use storage. Multifunctional furniture can help with places that some of the clutter can be hidden in. Use a chest as a coffee table and place decorative baskets around the room to store anything that might be unnecessarily cluttering up the floors. 

In the kitchen, use hang racks whenever you can and try mounting a dish rack over the sink to maximize counter space. Use hooks to hang cutting boards and any kitchen tools. If you have cabinets, you can also mount hooks under them for oven mitts or pans. Smaller appliances in the kitchen will help with spacing as well and don’t worry about having a small fridge, your guests probably won’t be filling it up during their stay.

Now that you can see what you can do with a smaller space with just a few simple hacks, you can hopefully start attracting guests to your space. If you’re looking for experts to help implement these hacks for you, reach out to Fulhaus and we’ll design, furnish, stage, and photograph your place for you with our Haus-in-a-Box solution!

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