Fülhaus understands our clients’ needs :)

Fülhaus offers customizable, low to high priced “Haüs-in-a-Box” packages including different furniture qualities, special add-on services + upgrades. We help our clients target their specified clientele by choosing one of our Fülhaus signature styles. concentrate on what you do best - grow your business! Fülhaus does the rest!



everything you need for your no-frills apartment. (style selection not included)

  • base quality furnishings
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everything you need (and want) in this beautifully curated apartment.

  • better quality furnishings
  • free YourWelcome (™) tablet for one year ( $200 value )
  • style selection
  • free photos + staging per style selection
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want to live like #the1% ? now you can with this luxurious furniture package. your stay is sure to be the best on the block.

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Haüs-in-a-box Includes:

  • entry
  • mirror
  • entry mat
  • hooks
  • living room
  • sofa
  • armchair
  • side table
  • rug
  • floor lamp
  • cushions ( 2 )
  • throw blanket
  • coffee table
  • console table
  • tv
  • ining table
  • chairs ( 4 )
  • bedroom
  • queen mattress
  • queen bed
  • rug
  • night stands ( 2 )
  • table lamps ( 2 )
  • cushions ( 2 )
  • throw blanket
  • standing mirror
  • dresser
  • art + accessories
  • large framed
  • artwork ( 2 )
  • accessories ( 10 )


the fül-kit

Fülhaus takes the hassle out of stocking your kitchen with everything you need to entertain, cook-up a storm and enjoy your stay. Fülhaus chooses only high quality and beautifully curated pieces so your cooking can stand out!

from $747

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  • kitchen
  • cutlery drawer divider
  • cutting knives ( 4 )
  • pots & pans ( 3 piece )
  • strainer
  • cooking utensils
  • salt & pepper shaker
  • serving dish
  • serving bowl
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring glass
  • measuring spoon
  • salad bowl
  • tongs
  • kettle
  • oven mitts
  • scissors
  • cutting board
  • garbage can
  • dish towels ( 6 )
  • dish rags ( 6 )
  • dish brush / sponges
  • toaster
  • flatware
  • coffee cups ( 6 )
  • high ball ( 6 )
  • low ball ( 6 )
  • wine glasses ( 6 )
  • corkscrew
  • dishware
  • grater
  • can-opener
  • peeler
  • garbage can
  • utilities
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • hangers ( 20 )
  • blow dryer
  • toilet plunger
  • toilet brush


let Fülhaus make your bed! with the woven rayon from bamboo set, you’ll experience cloudlike luxury every time you make the bed. the soft and silky bamboo fibers are both ideal for sensitive skin and breathable creating the optimal sleep atmosphere and temperature. plus, the naturally hypoallergenic rayon from bamboo fabric actively wicks moisture away from your body while you sleep to ensure a clean, crisp, and comfortable sleep.

full $395
queen $405
king $486

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  • bed-in-a-box
  • mattress protector
  • microfiber duvet
  • rayon from bamboo duvet covers ( 2 )
  • rayon from bamboo sheet sets ( 2 )
  • gelled microfiber pillows ( 4 )

other add-ons

  • sofa bed $299
  • additional bedroom from $2499
  • record player + selection of local vinyls from $299
  • white-glove services:
    • receiving $299
    • installation $1499
    • delivery $299
    • professional photos $299
    • styling $299
  • fül-service from $2399

Premium Styles

the socialclimber and the1% can be customized with one of the styles below (not available for the basicbitch).

Millennial x Fülhaus


Our Millennial Package is as quirky as it is functional. Bold patterns, punchy colours and eclectic artwork bring the space together, making it a trendy space guests won’t soon forget. Pieces such as the turntable with local music create instagrammable experiences pushing your rental further.

Paradise x Fülhaus

Our Paradise Package offers a boho meets surf style. Rattan and wovens are making a comeback and will be the lead pieces in this package. This mixed with coastal inspired accessories and natural woods will bring the whole look together. Guests will feel the relaxing ambience while staying in this trendy space.

Desert x Fülhaus

Our Desert package brings the New Mexico vibes to your space. Muted earth tones and punchy accessories will be used throughout to bring the space together. Strong woven textures and patterns will add necessary interest to the space all while creating a cohesive and simplistic space. Natural woods and leathers will play a big role in the design. This and a mix of furniture boasting clean lines and texture will play up the desert feel of this look.

Corporate x Fülhaus

Our corporate package is a curated mix of contemporary pieces and textiles, namely, the daybed and oversized artwork. Mixing woven rugs, leathers and wood will add to an eclectic but uniform space. The space will give a relaxing atmosphere while still offering necessary corporate amenities such as; task lamps, work space, and comfortable seating. This package is ideal for the short term rental host catering to the business market.

Luxe x Fülhaus

For the Luxe package, jewel tones and rich textiles are at the forefront of this design. A mix of gold accents as well as glass, mirror and soft velvets will play in the richness of this package. Ideal for high end or luxury rentals your guests won’t be disappointed when staying in your space.

Fünhaus x Fülhaus

Our Fülhaus Package features eclectic design at its finest. Curved lines mimicking vintage style and bright fabrics along with bold patterns and textures bring this space together in an eye catching way while keeping guests comfortable and intrigued. This package offers many instagrammable features, pushing your rental even further.

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