What are the Custom design steps and timeline?

Custom Design can take up to 10 days from start to finish and is highly dependent on the client’s availability and response rate. The first step is having a meeting with our design team to establish your brand standards and design needs. After that, the first mood board and sourced items will be submitted 3 days after first Brand meeting. A detailed plan of suggested wallpaper and paint colors is provided. Included in this package are 2 revisions with the design team, and any additional revisions thereafter cost $250 USD.

Who is the ‘Onsite Team’?

1 operations manager, 1 operations manager assistant, 1 stylist, and 1 photographer.

What are the Timelines?

The operations manager and assistant arrives at our local consolidation center at most 4 days before the installation begins, executing a quality check and making sure that the items are assembled, professionally wrapped, and organized before the move. Our aim is to have a ‘zero footprint’ within your units, meaning most garbage and recycling is not brought onsite. The stylist arrives 2 days prior to the shoot to prepare. The photographer arrives the day of the shoot and works alongside the stylist and operations manager assistant.

What is a typical Installation Schedule?

The 21day timeline begins once Fülhaus has received the deposit.

Days 1-10: Shipping and Receiving

*Day 10: Client must provide site access for wallpaper and paint (if need be)

Days 11-14: Assembly

*Day 13: Client needs to complete deep clean in all units

*Day 14: Client needs provide site access for delivery

Day 15: Delivery

Days 16-18: Onsite Install & Hanging

Day 19: Staging

Days 20-21: Photography

What happens when I want project updates or I have questions?

Your project manager and install manager will be available throughout the process for any updates and/or questions you may have throughout the process.

What are the photography steps and timeline?

Photos are shared via Wetransfer. We take care of the initial edits, but if there are more edits the client would like to make, our photographers would be happy to adjust.

What is included:

  • Bedroom wide, vignette, detail shot
  • Living room wide, vignette, detail shot
  • Dining room wide, vignette
  • Kitchen wide
  • Overall bathroom
  • Patio if applicable

Re-ordering and replenishment of damaged/broken/worn items after install is complete?

The client may reorder damaged items at anytime.

What does Fülhaus require to get started?

If you have detailed floor plans and photos that should be enough. However, if your floor plans do not include elevations, window measurements, and/or the units have odd bulkheads etc, we suggest you have a Fül-Survey completed. We charge a fee of $85/hour for a Fül-survey. Otherwise, we design according to the floor plans and photos given to us. Any inaccuracies are outside of our responsibility. However, our Haus-in-a-Box is designed for the multi-family unit and can easily accommodate adjustments on site.

Does Fülhaus clean up after installation?

We will tidy up the space after install so they are photo-ready! The units must have a deep clean before delivery day, which is provided by the client.

Does Fülhaus launder linens for staging?

If the client is providing their own linens for the staging, then it is up to the clients to launder them prior to the shoot. The Fülhaus staging team will then steam them to be photo ready.

Does Fülhaus provide the ironing/steaming of linens, towels, shower curtains, window curtains, and throws for photography?

Yes, our stylist will iron and steam everything.

Do you do the TV installation and programming?

There is an additional fee for mounting a TV and the cost of mounting the TV is found in the initial quote. We do not do any programming of TVs or electronics.

Do you provide OS&E and Consumables?

We do not handle any consumables. If Fülhaus is installing the OS&E and FF&E this accounted for during the install time.

What if the promised timeline is not met? Are there consequences, discounts, etc for late delivery?

We work within the timeline provided, and are proud to say we have never been late! We schedule accordingly.

Do you build contingency into the timeline for broken/damaged items arriving, delivery issues, Acts of God, etc?


What is the quality of furniture that Fülhaus sources?

Fülhaus sources for hospitality and commercial grade projects. The items Fülhaus sources are made with the highest standards and quality materials in an attempt to meet the Hospitality and Contract standards. We are committed to providing our clients with quality products that withstand the test of time, offering durable designs and / or commercial-grade items that stand up to extra wear and tear without sacrificing style. Fülhaus transfers all supplier warranties when available to our clients.


What if costs end up being higher than quoted? Does Fülhaus honour the quote given and eat any additional cost?

We honour the original quote signed by the client. However, any changes made after the signed quote, Fülhaus must get the client’s approval for any additional costs. For example, adding paint and/or wallpaper or any additional items the client may request.