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Dragon's Den Portrait - "Vincenzo"

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Dragon's Den Portrait - "Vincenzo"

 The 'Vincenzo' portrait created by Dan Buller

Vincenzo Guzzo is a sassy (we LOVE sass!) entertainment mogul who has disrupted the movie landscape by living and breathing the Canadian Dream. As the only son of Italian immigrants, he always believed he could turn his dad’s small theatre business (along with his own law and business degrees - why not both) into the mega-scaled empire it is today — he just needed to take on “the big guys.” In 1998, he sued the biggest movie competition in Canada to gain equal opportunity for “the little guy” to show first-run releases — and won! Twenty years later, Guzzo is the president and CEO of Cinemas Guzzo, the number one operator in Quebec and the third largest movie exhibitor in Canada. His chain has a total of 141 screens: 9 IMAX cinemas and 10 locations with 3 more set to open soon-ish. Size does matter to Cinemas Guzzo.

Because Vincenzo is already a busy and successful entrepreneur, he has chosen to do EVEN MORE! He and his wife, Maria, are also renowned philanthropists, giving generously to numerous hospitals and culminating in the establishment of the Guzzo Family Foundation in 2007.

Always have mad love for smart and generous individuals!

Framed Portrait: 16" x 20" - Black Oak Frame 


Artist info:

Dan Buller is a Montreal-based artist and muralist. He is a founding member of Heavyweight Art Installation, an artist’s group which toured the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan performing live painting installations. In 2008 he took part in the group show Manifest Hope, curated by Shepard Fairey to support Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. His work has appeared in exhibitions and on walls all over the world. He took part in LNDMRK’s inaugural MURAL festival in Montreal, and created murals for the group show Art of a Political Revolution in New York and Los Angeles to support Bernie Sanders’ presidential run in 2016. He created the artwork for, and directed an animated sequence that appears in the feature film Rhymes for Young Ghouls in 2012 and co-created the graphic novel “Social Smarts’ for the Privacy Commissioner of the Government of Canada.